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2021 年的高考刚结束不久。趁今日有所闲,回望十年前我参加的高考以及高中时光,聊一聊现在的想法。 高考重要否? 在高考后的四、五年内,我对其的看法是比


《猎凶风河谷》让我印象深刻。这部电影的故事非常简单:一位住在风河谷(Wind River)的印第安(美洲原住民)少女被在当地工作的白人性侵。混

IBM Model M 来了

心仪许久的 IBM Model M 终于送达了,放在公司桌面上视觉效果出众。 Model M designates a group of computer keyboards designed and manufactured by IBM starting in 1984, and later by Lexmark International, Maxi Switch, and Unicomp. The keyboard's many variations have their own distinct characteristics, with the vast majority having a buckling-spring key Read more...


我练习俯卧撑的时间比较久了。大概从初中开始,初作尝试。到了高中,因为脚踝重伤以及之后的多次反复扭伤,我便有了借口避免出席早操。当时,我会借用

Common Lisp Solution to While Language

lisp, hackerrank, compiler
I have written a solution to Hackerrank's problem "While Language" in Common Lisp, solely for fun. Several years ago, I have solved it using OCaml. Where does 'fun' come from? In Lisp, it's really easy to construct ASTs. In a lot of scenarios, you can effortlessly transpile source code into Lisp forms and then ask your Lisp implementation to analyse, optimise and execute it. For example, after lexing and parsing, I have written a function gen-lisp-code to expose the transpiled Lisp code: Read more...

The Oxford comma and its Issues

During recent work, we have encountered an interesting concept called Oxford comma (also called a Harvard comma, or a serial comma, or series comma). As a native Chinese speaker, I have neither met it nor expected it ever before. There are already enough other aspects that are of inherent ambiguity and implicitness of my native language (or any other natural language), but the Oxford comma is definitely a problem for languages that are not written in scriptio continua. Read more...

Notes on Deploying Common Lisp Web Services

lisp, web
I’m recently finishing a Common Lisp web service used inside a company. An essential part of the reason why I choose Lisp in this case is, CLOS, one of the most powerful tools for designing complicated concepts. It’s a nice experience using CLOS to successfully solve some hard problems along with extending some components. However, the embarrassing thing is I’ve never delivered a web application before, all I know is developing, debugging within SLIME and writing some scripts to deliver a binary executable so far. Read more...

Embedding Julia in Lisp

lisp julia
Julia is a high-level dynamic programming language designed to address the needs of high-performance numerical analysis and computational science while also being effective for general-purpose programming, web use or as a specification language1. I like its Lisp-like macros and multiple dispatch strategy. After all, it’s from MIT, where LISP happens. Its performance, according to this paper, is often within a factor of two relative to fully optimized Read more...

Common Lisp 中的 'map'

In many programming languages, map is the name of a higher-order function that applies a given function to each element of a list, returning a list of results in the same order. It is often called apply-to-all when considered in functional form. The concept of a map is not limited to lists: it works for sequential containers, tree-like containers, or even abstract containers such as futures and promises. —— Read more...

A Brief Introduction to Common Lisp

lisp presentation
This is a keynote that I made when I was studying at Mid Sweden University about one and half year ago. In a project course, every student was invited to give a presentation about what kind of tool or language been used for the project as the course’s first discussion session. This keynote is thus the one (but not the original one) I’d used to give a brief introduction about Common Lisp, which is used to build a simple academic paper recommendation system for the course. Read more...
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